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Certificate in Xero: Advanced


Our Certificate in Xero: Advanced course will take your skills in Xero to the next level and introduce some of the more sophisticated features of the software.

Upon successful completion of the Certificate in Xero: Advanced training program, you will develop knowledge of the advanced features of Xero, how to set them up and utilise them in your business.

This course is suitable for both Sole traders, small business owners, bookkeepers and students alike. This course requires some basic knowledge of Xero and we recommend undertaking our ‘Standard’ Certificate prior.

It will equip you with skills in the software often reserved for you contract bookkeeper!

Units covered:

  • Xero Introduction
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts poayable
  • Tracking Categories
  • Budgeting
  • Fixed Assets
  • Template Customisation
  • BAS preparation
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Working with Xero Data


This module has 10 units covering advanced features and functionality of the Xero Software.

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Note: Whilst this course covers basic bookkeeping fundamentals, it is not designed to be or to replace a bookkeeping qualification.


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